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Have you ever tried to sell something only to get a tiny, embarrassing response – or worse yet
NO response at all?

How many times can you afford to have that happen before you’re broke, out of business?

Each flop can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars not to mention your lost time an effort.

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I have a confession to make …

I still have problems making sales, so if your sales are lack luster I know first hand how it feels even today.

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I want to tell you a short story of a AHA moment I experienced of why this is so important to the success of your business.

Not long ago while typing and researching on the internet seeking what triggers all of us to buy.

By the way this type of searching is not a casual event it is an obsessive compulsive interest of mine to understand why people buy, so I am very serious about this topic.

It started when I was a young boy going door to door selling tickets for a social event so I could win a trip to summer camp (literally across a whole city selling tickets door to door).

It is a never forgotten valuable lesson about consumer behavior that never leaves a person.

My AHA moment was discovered while searching for WIIFM (whats in it for me) and AIDA (attention – interest – desire – action) material to write copy for my next sales letter.

WIIFM and AIDA are proven STRATIGIES and CONCEPTS successful copywriters take when writing copy for a sales letter.

When I all of a sudden I stumbled upon a Gold Mine of a website for what is called

Pretty dry reading material in general, but if you are into this type of research you are going to be all over this in an instance!!

This website has compiled one of the most interesting studies dedicated to why people buy or take a required action.
The owner of this website has interestingly documented case studies of scientists/theorists who sifted out all the components why people buy down to one understanding.

Althou many of these scientists/theorists opinions of what defines “ATTITUDE” differ.

They all agree “attitude” is divided into 3 components for what they focus their studies on.

  • cognitive component (beliefs/knowledge)
  • affective component (feelings)
  • conative component (behavioural)

In other words we believe/know (cognitive component) something, for example, recycling is good for the environment. We also believe that looking after the environment is a good thing. This forms our positive feelings (affect) towards recycling behaviour. We are therefore more likely to intend to engage in recycling behaviour (conative factor) and ultimately to engage in the behaviour itself.
Attitude defined in more detail.

Its a process that people and consumers make decisions to take actions

Andraesen (1995) states that for the social marketer ‘consumer behaviour is the bottom line’. In order to understand how to develop programmes that will bring about behavioural change we need to understand something about the nature of behaviour.
Definition why consumer behaviour is bottom line.

As marketers we are always testing new ways to expand how we market products to find what works

Take a look at this image how this is broken down and expanded


So as I see it layed out left to right in the image.

These are the differing multiple components boiled down into 3 major components all agreed upon to trigger a response for action.

preference BEHAVIORAL

Summary for each study what defines attitude

  • AIDA (1925) (attention, interest, desire, action) how a salesperson should take the customer through – how advertising works
  • Colley (1961) DAGMAR model (defining advertising goals for measured advertising results awareness, comprehension, conviction and action)communications tasks which are specific and measurable using a four-stage approach
  • Andraesen (1995) hierarchy of effects model (awareness, knowledge, liking, preference, conviction and purchase)advertising will guide potential consumers through a number of stages which are essential for purchase or required behaviour

I am giving links back to the original text for attribution and if you wish to do further reading on the subject.

NOW!! whats this all mean????????


If you don’t have a way of knowing what you put out their on the web is working

whether you are trying to sell something or generate a lead, any required action you wish to have a consumer take

Must be measured

Well how do I do this

Well as you can see above a bunch of scientitst/theorists lets not forget we are all in this together to make a profit.

But before we get to that, let’s talk about you…

Every sale you try to make first starts off with content on a webpage. You either write the copy for yourself or hire someone.

If you write your own copy for your sales letters here are some draw backs

  • It takes TOO MUCH TIME
  • It requires TOO MUCH ENERGY
  • It is unsure if it will convert to sales

Sometimes it doesn’t even work!
This is a major hassle for all serious marketers who need to get results fast.

Even when you hire someone to do the copy, results are always mixed.

  • Very expensive You cannot expect good quality content for the price a large value meal.
  • Most good copywriters require you share a portion of the profits
  • Even high paid copywriters actually decrease your response and sales instead of helping you
  • Once in a while you will hit a home run, but the odds are against you.

Why waste your time and money on these fruitless efforts?

What if you had a Way To Get Killer Sales Pages That Converts Like Crazy Without Guessing A complete easy to use system built especially for internet marketers that need high converting sales pages in ways you might not even have imagined. A system that gets stunning results…very quickly Before we show you how this remarkable new system works…

Let me ask you a couple of questions to prepare you for something amazing:

Are you interested in a trusted system that always gives you

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Once setup it becomes A hands off system that works for you

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I know you’ll agree by the time you’re done reading this system will be indispensable for creating successful campaigns from now on.

Make no mistake: the only thing you can control in marketing is your offer. You can’t control what people want to buy, how much money they have to spend, or even how many people will read your offer.

You can only control what you offer to prospects. There are plenty of books on how to pick a hungry market and how to pick or create great products.

It’s time we revealed our system for creating offers that your prospects almost can’t refuse.

It’s call WP Sales Convertor.

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