Google Makes Good On Author Boost

Looking as far back as 2009 and earlier, Google was working on new ways for replacing page rank for Google Search

Here’s a quote from Search Engine Land released from Google discussing how Google News was working on a independent algorithm from regular Google Search

Google News taps into its own unique ranking signals, which include user clicks, the estimated authority of a publication in a particular topic, freshness, geography and more.

Search looks so much different today as you analyze what types of sites are ranking in Google search, they pretty much follow the protocol that Google News was formed around

The original Page rank algorithm in my opinion was created more on the mechanical end of things, hence was easily deceived into ranking websites

What you will see today is a search based heavily in brand, and authority as opposed to one page wonders highly optimized to rank

Just look in the Google Search Engine Pages (SERPs) today, the evidence of them carrying this plan out has happened

If you do only one change in your SEO to do’s for 2015 and beyond is just look at the evidence, the SERPs

Looking and analyzing them will give you the clues that you will need to get those websites to page one

A 2013 video from Matt Cutts discussing the authority topic keeps reinforcing year after year that your rankings will be based upon the authority of your domain, the writing has been on the wall for some time now

From Search Engine Land

The portion of the video of when Matt Cutts talks about authority boost starts at 4 minutes and 37 seconds into the video and ends at 5 minutes and 3 seconds. Here is the video followed by my best effort at transcribing that portion:

We have also been working on a lot of ways to help regular webmasters.

We are doing a doing a better job of detecting when someone is sort of an authority in a specific space. It could be medical, it could be travel, whatever. And trying to makes sure that those rank a little more highly, if you are some sort of authority or a site that according to the algorithms we think might be a little bit more appropriate for users.

We’re trying to measure those kinds of topics. Because you know you really want to listen to the experts in each area if you can.

They have long done this and more

In addition Google has publicly announced the end of page rank as we know it

John Mueller even confirmed it in a Google Hangout, he said this at the 20:30 mark in the video. Here is an embed of the video if you want to hear it yourself:

What’s the take away from this?

In order to succeed ranking in Google’s Search today you need to know if you have the authority and ability

You can only do this if you study the SERPs, the SERPs is the evidence to guide you

Next time let’s look at some examples of what is ranking for some of the most authoritative sites

Till next time

Ed Chiasson

Let’s not keep this a secret spread the word, let’s stop the lemming mentality and help others get informed




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Google’s Rich Answers Threat Or Opportunity

If ranking for top 10 positions isn’t hard enough Google still trips us up

Getting the space above the fold in organic search is getting harder and harder all the time

It’s not just important to get the in the top 3 instead of just the top 10 anymore to get those Click Thru’s from visitors

Google has increasingly stolen the above the fold real estate time after time

Now rich answers is another item to content with

“According to a study by Stone Temple Consulting, Google returns rich answers to 35% of search queries these days. This is a 38% increase over the past 6 months, and we are clearly in for some further growth. ”

rich answers“According to Eric Enge of Stone Temple Consulting, for 75% of rich answers Google uses external data and includes a link to its source. ”

This spells either doom or opportunity, the analogy of the half filled glass

The best thing is try to get featured in Google’s Rich Answers

This will take any non authority site to an increase of 2x’s more clicks than non rich answer organic search lists by what the study finds

Again you will not find any of this in any SEO Keyword Tool out there today including any SEO course promoting how to get to the top 10 of Google

If any shiny new object your about to buy relies heavily on the Google Keyword Tool or even mentions search counts

Run the other way your being fed old information the will surely have you fail and frustrated in your efforts to the top of Google Search

Till Next Time

Ed Chiasson


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The Need To Re-invent Yourself

I don’t know about you but technology fascinates me.

We’ve all seen movie plots start where you see someone in a particular predicament but before the scene moves forward the movie goes back in time and exposes how this person has gotten themselves into whatever the movie is about.

This brings me to the point of was I am about to discuss, maybe a very disturbing one for some.

Technology friend or foe?

Over fifty years ago, this dates me, my parents moved around a lot for economic reasons. I attended multiple education institutions between two countries and great distances within each county, so I experienced very different education philosophies being practiced within each school I attended.

Reflecting back on those early years today I experienced several aha moments on what was to come with technology.

This article I read today–finance.html

kind of solidifies the big picture of the seeds of uncertainty of the future.

For some it maybe doom others it is opportunity waiting to be discovered.

Getting back to my story the first seed that I can recall was sitting in the first grade where a special curriculum was being tried to open young minds up for the future. Each week we covered futuristic theories of what we will experience for times to come.

One particular session that stuck with me is the automated cars.  It was a vision where you would drive yourself to some central location for mass transit enter it after programming your car. Then let the car go without the stress of stop and go we have today. That day is here.

Today we have in existence the automated car by Google, in Japan they have whole systems with driver-less trains. As we know the laws of science say for every reaction we have an opposite reaction. Unfortunately this maybe the case here.

Here is a quote from the story I just read.

“Driverless cars will have a revolutionary impact on traffic one day — and the job market. In the United States alone, 3.1 million people drive trucks for a living, 573,000 drive buses, 342,000 drive taxis or limousines. All those jobs will be threatened by automated vehicles.”

Remember the early days of car design where cars where huge and had fins on the body best car to illustrate this would be the Cadillac of the 60’s, pretty cool car. Well most of us who remember those years might of also had a similar experience each school participated here in the USA.

Each year the big car companies put together a huge contest to encourage young minds to design the car of the future and in return a college scholarship was given to the winner. Well the car designs of what we drive today are a direct influence of what young minds dreamed back then.

It’s all about opening your minds to forward thinking

Same goes for SEO and organic search

I know I know but I will stand on my soap box forever and yell over and over it’s time to get your head out of those search counts

It’s all wishful thinking

Picking keywords based on how many people are searching for them

This has been around since (remember this) Overture available in the early 90’s

Looking at search counts is over 20 years old

It’s time to reinvent yourself if your using Google to rank your websites in organic search

Today the Google search engine is dominated with brands and authority sites

Don’t believe me take a long look at who is ranking and you will come up with the same conclusion

Want to start ranking in Google search start looking for where the competition is not but the PPC people are putting their money down

If anyone knows the money making niches it is the PPC advertisers

It’s time to reinvent yourself and move on to the best keyword tool out there

Till next time

Ed Chiasson


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Does Ranking #1 Guarantee You More Organic Clicks

If the argument for looking at the Google Search Results Page (SERPs) more important now than ever today is the day to consider this in light of the evidence

If you have been following me for any amount of time I’ve been pushing Keyword Planner is dead

Millions and millions of uninformed are still using Keyword Planner as their go to tool for planning their SEO and strategies for organic search

Folks this has been dead for over 3 years now

Here is some evidence that has come out in tracking eye studies about what is happening in the SERPs

Lets say you find that magic keyword that Keyword Planner has revealed to you

What does it tell you other than how many searches and Cost per click for paid advertising

It does not tell you who is ranking on that page, who is the authority is if one exist

You only can tell if you look at the actual SERPs who your competition is

In addition does the SERPs have attention grabbing elements to steal your clicks like

Paid ads, local packs, carousel results, knowledge graphs and rich snippets

Google has added these elements to steal your clicks, you can’t find this in Keyword Planner

I was reading a study written by conducted by Mediative (that was tracking searchers’ eye movement and eventual clicks across different SERPs) showed that the way searchers interact with the SERP varies a great deal from query to query.

Here is the image results of how Google can steal your clicks

click thru heatmapIt’s getting harder and harder to rank and get decent click thru rates in the SERPs

Trying to rank these days in the search engine that is getting more than 70% of the searches these days is more complicated than looking for search counts in an outdated tool that everyone out there is promoting

Does your favorite keyword tool offer more info than search counts?

If it doesn’t it’s time to re-evaluate and find a tool that does better

Till next time

Ed Chiasson


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I’m not the only one who see’s this


Out of curiosity I was wondering if I was not the only one who recognizes how people blindly follow others in marketing promotions for the next new shiny object

As I was looking around in Google I can across this blog post that hit the nail in the head for defining what a lemming is in the marketing circles

So many out there are looking to be handed a complete solution for their Internet Business but fail to realize most will fail without having a plan

The original link for this article is


The Lemming Syndrome

Look around the internet today and you can see people blindly following a few high profile marketers, joining under them in all sorts of programs without doing any research or giving any thought to if they will make or lose money.

The lemming syndrome starts when a lead lemming decides it wants to take a swim however it hates simply dipping a toe to test the water first preferring to leap right in and get wet so instead of following the path down to the water it heads to a cliff thinking that jumping in from the top would be fun.

Seeing their leader head off for his/her swim all the other lemmings decide they had better follow after all it was a little warm and a nice swim sounds about right.

As they near the cliff top the leader begins to run to build up momentum to clear the cliff face and land safely in the water, seeing this the rest of the lemming tribe also start running, faster and faster they run until they are all rushing at a mad speed those behind pushing those in front the whole group surges forward to that cliff top.

As they approach the cliff top the leader suddenly realizes that it’s too high and the tide is out theres no way to make the water so he/she changes direction heading along the cliff towards the path down to the water, those lucky enough to be in the front of the following pack see this and also manage to change their direction however those behind them realize to late and because of the pressure form the lemmings behind them get pushed over the cliff falling to their doom.

The lemmings at the back of the pack don’t see that their leaders have left them they only see those in front of them going over the cliff and think well they made it so can i and don’t even bother to try and avoid the fall.

This is what happens when you blindly follow someone without questioning where you are headed and what the likely consequences are going to be is this opportunity right for me or is it something you’d rather not get involved in.

We can all make mistakes but as a leader you need to take extra care and think through every decision before you lead your group into any new venture, it’s up to the leaders to check every angle thoroughly never rushing into something without conducting a complete investigation, is the cliff to high there enough water to land safely is taking the path a safer route to lead your group.

As a follower you have to ask yourself where am i being led do i really want to leap after the rest and suffer their fate or am i going to hang back and approach with caution.

Taking the the cautious approach can save you from becoming a lemming and taking the big drop off that high cliff to certain doom.


I’m a 56 year old Married man with 3 children and 3 grandchildren, I’ve worked on the internet since 1975 when i was employed as a communications specialist in the Australian Armed forces attached to the development team charged with producing the “Modem”. In 1998 i became interested in SEO and Search Engines developing my own Search engine in late 1998/99. I have worked as a professional SEO and Search Technologist since 2003 and i am currently a partner at Pyrium Web Enterprises Pty Ltd (http:/…

Go Deeper | Website

A man who shares similar experiences with search engines in the early days


Till next time

Ed Chiasson

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Are You a Search Engine Lemming

What’s the first thing anyone who wants to rank in Google search do?

They look at the search counts in Google keyword planner

Just take a look at any article, how to, or any information instructing you how you can rank in Google search

Just about everyone is trained or convinced the answer to finding that magic just right keyword is going to be revealed in Google’s keyword tool

What happens when the world does this as a standard procedure for finding keywords to rank in Google?


The internet is getting more and more crowded and many markets are getting saturated as a result of so many people targeting the same keywords

It is all caused because just about everyone is using the same tools

We are talking about millions and millions of people dong this on a daily basis

Spending hours and hours, technique after technique to squeeze out the perfect keyword to rank and bring home the bacon

Well when this happens it is time to start looking somewhere else

All markets will experience saturation levels once everyone is doing the same

A prime example of this happening is the stock market, housing market, etc… when everyone is entering it

It will only be a matter of time before the bubble will explode

Well if you haven’t noticed the Google keyword tool bubble has exploded

Google Keyword Planner is Dead!

The writing has been on the wall for a while now especially for the past 4-5 years now

Yes 4-5 years once Google started rolling out the latest updates

With Artificial Intelligence and cloud computing Google has taken steps to spot individuals skewing the search results and hopefully start producing relevant results in their search engine

Well if your still relying on Google’s keyword planner, your following a lemming mentality on how to find keywords and techniques to rank in Google’s search engine

If you want to break out of this state of mind

Start following me in the post’s to come to show you how to break out and find the weaknesses and strong points of Google search today

Please comment let me know how I can help you and spread the word of ground breaking ways to finding just the right keywords in your maket

Till next time



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Beware Spammers

I can’t believe in this day and age comment spamming is still happening without any thought to what they are doing

Each day the multiple blogs I manage I see such a large amount of comment spam on the blogs by the misinformed

Let me ask you a question?

Is it working for you, I bet it isn’t

I’m not really sure what is still driving this unless your allowing unmoderated commenting to be allowed on your blog then you will be over run by the scrapers out there built for comment spam

Warning to anyone who tries to comment spam IT WILL NOT HAPPEN HERE I read every comment and will only post any comments that provide value to the readership

So if you want a link, participate genuinely and you will get what you want a link back or a response

Comment spam just one of the items the misinformed and lazy people are choosing to do

This fits hand in glove about what is about to be revealed in this blog in the posts to come

Till next time
The future is around the corner

Ed Chiasson

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WOW I can’t believe how time has passed

As the title says it all I can’t believe how much time has passed since my last post

I have two reasons for this

First and most important family

Some of you reading this know my wife was in a life and death situation

She had something ravishing her body to the point she could no longer eat and was drip fed weekly just to keep her alive

Turns out cancer finally surfaced in her colon in it’s earliest stages, we were so lucky to finally find this, before this she was cancer free which made the hunt to what made her so ill impossible to nail down

After multiple operations and reconstruction she is now a cancer survivor and finally is having a life again for the first time in over 8 years

What a toll it took on my family but we survived

I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for all the support I was given when I was in my darkest hour of not knowing if my wife would survive this ordeal…. again thank you, thank you so much for your support especially those who were also in similar situations

Next the second reason

Much has happened with Google in the past few years

Multiple animal updates, penguin, hummingbird etc… are in place

With cloud computing and advances in Artificial Intelligence gaining more and more prominence in the field of SEO I have been dissecting the search engine results pages (SERPs) for what it will take to rank in the Google search engine

So basically I’ve locked myself in my lab testing and testing software after software to find the answers

The answer is the SERPs

Sometimes the most obvious is the hardest to see

The smoking gun to getting rankings in Google is to analyze the SERPs

In the days to come I will be discussing in detail what this means

Hint it only takes two factors to know if you have a fighting chance in ranking any keyword in Google

First is Domain Authority

Next follow the money trail if you want to find the money making keywords

No one is attacking the SEO problems from this perspective, we still have a lemming mentality out there happening

If your reading this or have followed me for any period of time you are in the drivers seat to capture top ten rankings in Google while everyone else is jumping over each other to get the latest new shiny object dealing with the over played long tail concept or any data that comes from Google Keyword Planner

This incestial behavior is in your benefit, understand what is happening but don’t get caught up in this feeding frenzy

I’ve always believed in where the masses manifest themselves run the other way, the real opportunities don’t always exist with the masses unless you like scraps and left overs 🙂

Till next time

Ed Chiasson

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Amazon The Future Better Than Driving Trucks

I just saw this come across the news.

I just had to place a post about this.

If you watched 60 minutes you are already ahead of me on this.

Want that Amazon order in just 30 minutes?

Company CEO Jeff Bezos says he hopes to soon deploy an armada of mini-drones able to drop small packages at your doorstep.

Amazon Drone Program

Amazon Drones

This still needs more testing and approval from government agencies, but it appears Amazon is experimenting with drone helicopters to deliver about 85% of their products they sell that weight less than 5 lbs.

Amazon is looking to the future using this science fiction approach to making deliveries as fast as a half hour for products these little drones can deliver.

Basically they will GPS these little drones called Amazon Prime Air.

The body of the device is about the size of a flat-scree monitor, and it is attached to eight small helicopter rotors and sits on four tall legs.

The claws under the belly of the “octopeter” then latch onto a standard sized plastic bucket that rolls down a conveyer belt at Amazon’s fulfillment center. Inside the bucket is the order.

The drone lifts off and whizzes into the air like a giant mechanical insect to deliver the package just 30 minutes after clicking the “pay” button on Then it buzzes back into the air and returns to base.

The mini-drones are powered by environmentally-friendly electric motors and can cover areas within a 10-mile (16-kilometer) radius of fulfillment centers, thus covering a significant portion of the population in urban areas.

The drones operate autonomously and follow the GPS coordinates they receive to drop the items off the target locations.

“It’s very green, it’s better than driving trucks around,” said Bezos.

He also claims they are safe; the prototype has redundant motors that will keep it in the air and prevent it from crashing.

“The hard part here is putting in all the redundancy, all the reliability, all the systems you need to say, ‘Look, this thing can’t land on somebody’s head while they’re walking around their neighborhood,'” Bezos told CBS.

Amazon said the octocopters would be “ready to enter commercial operations as soon as the necessary regulations are in place,” noting that the Federal Aviation Administration was hard at work hammering out rules for the use of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Amazon projected a more optimistic timeline than Bezos himself for the project to be activated, saying the FAA’s rules could be in place as early as 2015, and that Amazon Prime Air would be ready at that time.

Bezos hinted that part of the motivation behind the mini-drones was to make sure Amazon remains on the cutting edge of the retail industry.

“Companies have short life spans… And Amazon will be disrupted one day,” he said.

“I would love for it to be after I’m dead.”

If the plan succeeds other retailers like Wal Mart, or even the local pizza store, could also start home deliveries via drone.

The feedback on Twitter has been from amazed to humorous

This story could qualify for one of thos Onion stories but it was shown on CBS.

What next!!

Oh will the skies be littered with drones by Amazon, Wal Mart, or even the local pizza stores.

What do you think should the government allow the skies to be filled with drones??

To Your Success


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Google Hummingbird Update Fall Out

By now lots of has been said about the new Google Hummingbird update. In many ways statements floating around on the internet are confusing.

Every time a new announced update takes place a huge flurry of buzz and panic takes over for Internet Marketers about what this means to them and their business. Myself I prefer to wait and see the dust settle down before taking any action.

At the moment the SEO gods are pretty much in agreement this was really not a algorithmic update for ranking but a tweak in understanding queries by users for finding content that best matches their query. A way to improve showing results not just for the keywords but a way to show search results that best addresses the questions users of search use to find what they are looking for.

By understanding users intent when searching the results offered become more relevant.

Every year Google is diving deeper and deeper in evolving its natural language recognition and Hummingbird addresses many of the ambiguous searches only relying on synonyms in their past infrastructural updates recognizing this was not a perfect solution for serving relevant updates.

A good very detailed article is at MOZ explaining all the gory details if you wish to know more.

For now you don’t have to rush out and make any changes to your web pages if your providing themed and well thought out content to serve visitors and not search engines.

Long tail search is still the way to go and provide content relative to these keywords in search.

No need to panic with this update, linking and its previous updates are the most important updates that need to be address.

If your mass commenting for backlinking to unrelated blogs you need to rethink your backlinking strategies on two fronts.

First the blog owner more than likely will just not approve your comments if not related to the blog content (when will you spammers get this point) or Google will notice your leaving a backlink for shoes on a guinea pig site at least find blogs related to your backlinks. Links are no longer just links if your going to succeed in internet marketing.

By linking to themed sites you are going to realize you don’t need that many links to rank so stop spamming it works less and less.

To Your Success

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