Content Is King – Maybe Not

As marketers we keep hearing Content Is King if you want traffic and rankings

Who can ignore/avoid all the press that Donal Trump is getting

I promise this is not about politics but instead of a marketing experience I just had

Everyday I read a little something about each of the politicians running for president

Yesterday I read an article lining up Donald Trump with Hitler

As history shows us this happened because of a country in dismay

As the person writing the story points out it seems that history is repeating itself with Donal Trump and his views

Today Forges ran a story about how Donald Trump is unstoppable and it is a two page story

I tried to read page two and this is what I get when trying to read page two

forbesCome on who thought of this, I don’t think so

I guess as marketers we need to try and test what works

I hope this is not the beginning of a trend to come

Because opportunity lurks at every corner for people who provide what others want without being held hostage in return to read their content

I told you this was not a political post 😉


Ed Chiasson

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