The infographic provided by Long has creating content around specific keywords gone.  Google has increasingly updated their search engine algorithms with Hummingbird, Vincent’s Change and RankBrain.  You can no longer depend on creating content without it being topic relevant. If you are following who ranks on page one ofContinue Reading

Hi as I have been gathering information for my new blog post to expose what is happening with domination of the Google Search Results by Big Global Corporations, I literally stumble upon someone else who can say it much better than I. I ran upon an article How 16 CompaniesContinue Reading

As marketers we keep hearing Content Is King if you want traffic and rankings Who can ignore/avoid all the press that Donal Trump is getting I promise this is not about politics but instead of a marketing experience I just had Everyday I read a little something about each ofContinue Reading

Today I’m posting something lite and unrelated Every so often we all need to clean house and email is no exception A close friend sent this me I hope the original person does not mind enjoy    Stay Young My Friend   We  all need to read this one overContinue Reading